FREE DELIVERY FOR ORDERS ABOVE Rs 500/- (applicable for Kanpur Nagar premises only)

<p><strong><u>About Us</u></strong></p>

About Us

It all began in 2013, when an idea of getting in to Soap & Detergent business emerged. To start with, we began to analyze the market first. What we found was, there are just two categories ; one is priced high and off course, good in quality. Another product range is of local substandard products, which just focus on lowest rates… and this is what gave us our path to proceed. Dear friends, “JANTAR ” is a small, but high in ethics brand you can always rely on. We at “JANTAR ” are always focused to bring to you the best at most reasonable prices. To sum up, key ingredients of all we make are Quality, Trust and Commitment and believe us, they are all processed with lots of love and care. So, with this short introduction I take immense pleasure to welcome you to our  “JANTAR family”. Welcome and thank you for the trust.


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